Registration of ships and yachts in Belize

Belize is the most favorable country for registration of all kinds of ships and yachts due to high rating of this flag,  shortest time required for assistance with and issuance of all the necessary documents, minimum of bureaucracy and full exemption from taxes and filing of reports.

We can assist you with the completing of  all documents for registration of ships and yachts under Belize flag where you will receive all the originals on the same day of registration as well as necessary documents for crew members within a day.

Ships – registration of all kinds of ships including fishing vessels and registration of water crafts; permanent registration, Bareboat Charter registration, special registration of ships. More >>>

Yachts registration of all kinds of private and commercial yachts. More >>>

Seafarers – issuance of Certificates of Competency in accordance with STCW  78/95 Convention with Manila Amendments, endorsements of seafarer’s certificates from Belize flag within one day. More >>>

Belize is the most attractive country to launch an offshore company. Definite advantages of offshore business in Belize are the shortest terms, minimum of documents, low price, maximum privacy, full exemption from taxes and filing of any reports. Offshore in Belize may be in the form of IBC (International Business Corporation), offshore bank or trust company. While launching offshore entity in Belize your capital will be placed in the country with economic stability, exemption from taxes. More about offshore in Belize and fees  >>>

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